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UCH in the Community and Beyond

Temporary Food Pantry​

During COVID-19, many individuals have been displaced from their jobs and need food assistance. The United Church of Huntsville has turned its fellowship hall into a temporary food pantry. We work with Huntsville Helping Hands to stock the pantry and make deliveries once a month. We've helped thousands of people so far. You can donate to this ministry by choosing the GIVE link and selecting Other for donation type. Then specify "Disaster Relief".


United Church contributes to the food pantry at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on a monthly basis, helping scores of people put food on their tables. St. Mark’s food pantry receives the names of people who are in need from FoodLine.

FoodLine operates under the auspices of the Interfaith Mission Service. Its mission is to connect people who are in need of emergency food with one of about twenty community food pantries that are connected to FoodLine. Approximately twelve volunteers answer phone calls to FoodLine Monday through Friday.

Meals on Wheels​

United Church participates in the Meals on Wheels program. We contribute financially, plus several of our members deliver meals regularly. The program receives funds from several sources: national (Older Americans Act), state (Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments TARCOG), and local (donations from organizations, churches, fundraisers, and individuals).​

Souper Bowl Sunday

That’s right, we mean “Souper” Bowl, and it happens each year on the same day as the Super Bowl. On Souper Bowl Sunday enthusiastic young people will be gently accosting worshippers before and after church to place a dollar or two into a soup pot - yes, a soup pot. The idea is that you contribute to the soup pot labeled with the name of the team you are rooting for in the Super Bowl. All monies raised go to local charities. Each year the youth choose a different charity. 

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